Designing Life

Designing the Life I Want to Live

Design is about pairing skill and creativity with choices to create something different. Even the smallest of choices make a big impact on how the design turns out. The details matter.

This site is not only a portfolio of my design projects in the realms of art, fabric, fashion, music, programming, games, and more, but about the day-to-day choices I am making in how I want my life to take shape and the impact of those choices.

 Expect the Unexpected 

My tastes are eclectic, my skills diverse, and my site reflects that fact. I may post about 3d modeling one day and then about a screenplay that I am writing the next.

I have been called a woman of many talents, which is true, I used to find that fact frustrating, as it meant that my interests took me in wildly different directions and it made focusing on specializing difficult. Specialization is recommended by nearly every expert when it comes to achieving success in life, and this was something I wanted.

Embracing My Unique Design

It wasn’t until I was in my early-30’s that I learned to embrace the way that I was designed. I wasn’t designed to be a specialist. I was designed to be the person who could keep a team or a community or a project going when the specialist was lost or lacking. I was skilled enough to be able to step in and fill the role, even if I couldn’t do it as well as the specialist, until a new specialist could be found.

My diverse experiences meant that I knew enough to be able to give direction to those around me on how to do things and could also be a liaison between them and other members of the team to explain where their difficulties were and what they needed.




Three Key Areas

Although the content will be diverse, everything will be broken down into three main areas of content:

Latest Projects

This area will cover my current works in progress, the things that are slowing me down, the decisions I am facing and how I make those decisions, along with my thoughts about the impact the final project will make.

Life Story

Whether it’s episodes of my life from the past or the present or my plans for the future, I will explore the direction that my life’s design is taking me and the way the decisions I am making are shaping things.

Past Projects

Dedicated to the projects I’ve completed in the past, it will showcase the work that I’ve done, my thoughts on the completed project and its impact, along with what I learned from that experience as well as what could have been done better.


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